All about Pomander Balls!

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Rosette Chair Sash Knot Tutorial

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3 Easy Ways to Customize Paper Lanterns for your Events!

Fabric Pattern Lanterns


This easy tutorial from features an easy way to add beautiful designs onto your paper lanterns without the work of having to paint it yourself. They are ingenious with their use of printed cotton fabric to embellish the lanterns.

Check out their tutorial here on their site


Glitter Disco Ball Lantern


If you’re looking for some bling for your event, this glitter lantern is the way to go! Depending on what kind of glitter you use, it can be a perfect addition to any types of events. Try using fine glitter with small lanterns for a brighter glow with your lights!

Check out their tutorial here on their site


Giant Coffee Filter Pendant Light

Source: weaferdesign

Our lanterns aren’t just for your events and parties, but also great for home decor. This tutorial features a giant coffee filter pendant light that’s a great accent to any home. We have giant paper lanterns available as well!

Check out their tutorial here on their site

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Create your Own No-Sew Tulle Table Skirt!

It’s time to think out of the box, and create something new on our DIY Corner; a brand new feature on our blog for you, where we will share tips, tricks, and interesting new ways to use our products.

As a reprise of our popular Tutu Tutorial Video we did last year, This week’s feature is a DIY Tulle Table Skirt that requires absolutely no sewing and minimal materials. Does it sound almost too good to be true? Although it does take a bit of work it, the outcome is so amazing that it will leave your guests believing that you are a crafting genius!

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Bucaneer Side Chair Sash

Sashes are an interesting way to add some quick color and design to some otherwise bland and boring chairs. Often, these sashes are tied into a bow directly in back of the seat of the chair. As beautiful as it look, there has to be some sort of variety when tying chair sashes, right? As with many other things in the decorating world, of course there is! Today, we bring to you what we call the Buccaneer Side Sash for Chiavari Chairs! Reminiscent of pirates from olden days, this sash is simpler to tie than the standard bow (which is a godsend if you have to tie hundreds of them) and just as fantastic and easy to embellish.

Step 1:
Divide the sash in half and wrap around one side of the chair. Pull and string one of the sashes in the hole between the last two pegs of the back of the Chiavari Chair.

Step 2:
String the other end of the sash through the same hole. When you tug on the ends of the sash, they should be crossing each other through the hole.

Step 3:
Tie your knot! You can choose to tie a bow from here or just leave it hanging as is. Flowers and embellishments can be added onto this point, but it looks excellent the way it is.
Since the bow can go either way, this way of tying sashes is also perfect for chairs facing the aisles for wedding ceremonies or other special events. Try them out for your next celebration!

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Tablecloth Washing and Care

Caring for Cotton Tablecloths:

Cotton is a material that few of our premium tablecloths are made of. Like our polyester tablecloths, they are made to be heavy duty, and can take a lot of wear and tear. Cotton can also take heat better than all our other materials, but it is also more absorbent and stains easier as well. Because of this, extra precaution should be taken with spot stains before laundering. Here are some tips to remove some common stains.

Red Wine Stains:

The dreaded red wine stain is every party host’s worst nightmare. It’s bright, obvious, and extremely hard to wash off. The secret to removing this type of stain is to treat it as early as possible as the stain can set as soon as 24 hours. First you would want to soak the area of the stain with water for about 10 minutes, and then use a mixture of mild dish soap and some hydrogen peroxide.  If you are spot treating a colored tablecloth, you may want to try this mixture on an inconspicuous spot to make sure it does not bleach your material. This should remove the red wine stain, and just rinse and launder normally.

Candle Wax Stains:

What’s a lovely event without some mood candle lighting? Unfortunately, that might call for some wax stains on tablecloths that are difficult to remove. An easy way to remove this type of stain is to chip off as much extra wax as you can on the spot, and grab a brown paper bag and an iron. You would want to set the iron to a medium heat setting. Place the paper from the bag on the bottom and the top of the stain and begin ironing the wax. The paper will absorb any wax that the iron has melted. Replace the paper if necessary and keep ironing until no more wax comes off on the paper.

Oil Stains:

Oil stains is one of the toughest stains to get out of fabric, but a remedy that might work includes dusting dry corn starch on the stain and letting it sit there for a couple minutes. Dust off the excess, and if there is any oil stain remaining, try using baking soda mixed with a little water. Rub it in with a toothbrush, and rinse it off.

After all these spot treatments, feel free to put the tablecloths into the washing machine.  Set your machine for warm water, in a regular spin cycle with your normal detergent and it’s good to go. Bleach is not recommended, however you can use some hydrogen peroxide for brighter whites. For drying the cotton linens, set the dryer on a permanent press with low heat.  Wrinkly when they come out of the dryer? Feel free to use a medium to medium high heat for pressing these tablecloths.

Caring for Spandex Chair Covers and Sashes:

Spandex is a material that is somewhat difficult to care for, however the positive side when it comes to spandex products is that it is not very absorbent, so the stains will usually come off with a little hand washing and water. It’s important to care for spandex products properly or they may lose their elasticity. It’s recommended to hand wash our spandex items with some mild detergent and cold water, but it is possible to machine wash if using cold water and a mesh bag to prevent the items from warping in the wash. The spandex is heat sensitive, so it’s not recommended for use in the dryer. Hang dry them, and keep them away from direct heat or sun.

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Tropical Luau Mirror Centerpiece

Ready for a taste of the tropics? The best thing about having an event in the summer is the access to warm beaches and the cool ocean breeze. We created this sophisticated yet daring centerpiece with the island tropics and a luau in mind. We began this design with an eclipse mirror base.  A miniature candle bowl is placed on one side of the mirror and filled with clear acrylic ice, a remote controlled led light, and hydrangeas in burgundy and ivory, topped with a single large Pothos leaf. Two small bottle favors are placed on the other side of the mirror, decorated with a willow colored satin ribbon. For a more tropical feel, the use of seashells and sand would be suggested. This centerpiece is quick to create and affordable for large scale events, so start planning your summer luau event now!

Products used:
12″ Upscale Oval Mirror – 4/Set
4 x Fairy Nest LED Vase Lights – Remote-Controlled (Assorted Colors)

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New “Besos” Embroidered Fabrics

Here at tableclothsfactory, we are expanding our fabric collection! One of our newest fabrics that has just arrived is our “Muchos Besos” Embroidered fabric. The name originates from Spanish meaning “Many Kisses”, something we want to express through this beautiful fabric.

The body of this fabric is made up of a sheer delicate organza, while the accented designs include interconnected leaves and flowers in a soft velvet. This type of fabric is highly recommended in making sashes, runners, drapery and even veils. If you’re really feeling bold, it would make a unique and gorgeous outer layer for skirts and dresses. We have two sizes available as well; Our smaller 12″x 10 yards size and the 54″x 10 yards size.

The colors that we’re showcasing here are only a fraction of what we’re starting to carry. We currently have a total of 13 different colors for this fabric, so check them out here:
Muchos Besos Embroidered Fabrics

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Review on our Party Fountain!

We’ve often received requests from customers about instructions on how to assemble the party fountain. Today, we are going to show you how to set up the fountain, and offer some customer testimonials. One of the most common issues that our customers mention is the water not being able to pump up the fountain. If this is your issue, please listen closely to hear if there is sound coming out of the motor after it is plugged in. If there is a sound coming out, then the fountain is working correctly. Turn the white circular part of the motor bowl and the water should have no problem pumping up after that. Please make sure that the water is filled enough for the fountain to be able to pump it.

You can also view the video below on how to assemble the fountain:

If this still does not work, try this second method: Begin by gently turning and twisting off the white round plastic water inlet control ring located at the motor bowl. Slowly and gently take out the black rotor stick located on the motor bowl under the inlet control ring. BE SURE to take out the black rotor stick straight up, and do not bend or tilt even slighty (there should also be a magnet portion located at the bottom tip of the rotor stick). Wash the black motor stick with water so any dirt and residue will come off. Let it dry in cool air in an open space overnight. DO NOT use a blowdryer or any other heat as the black rubber on the rotor stick may melt or misshapen. When all is dry, place parts back into their original place. The fountain should work then.

Please see the video in the link below on how to clean the inlet.

Customer Testimonials:

“Now this was a surprise! Very nice for the price. Worked well. Nice light. Didn’t expect the doll. Nice extra. Shipping box could have been better. Overall satisfied.”- Roxanna (WV)

” Wow . we’re speechless! It’s my birdthay today and to see our wedding day again has been an amazing gift!Thank you so much, you have made our precious memories last forever” – Angelica (NY)

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Fabric Types and Comparisons

Often our customers ask about our fabrics. What type of fabric is suitable for your use? How do fabrics differ from each other. It is true that depending on what you’re using the fabric for, different fabrics are appropriate for different projects. Today, we will go over some of the common properties and uses of our fabric bolts.

Textured Slub vs Polyester Fabric Bolt

The Textured Slub is one of our newest items. It is similar to our polyester in many ways, such as the weight and the feel, however it’s weaved in a way where the yarns have a pulled and twisted effect, so there is a slight texture on the fabric; similar to what you see on silk shantung or dupioni. This twisting of the fabric is what is called slub. Our polyester is available in a plain weave with no texture, making it sturdy and easy to clean. These types of fabric are perfect for making clothing, drapes and decorations, as well as crafts, and the weight of the fabric makes it a perfect fabric for sewing. These fabrics are only available in solid colors as only.

Zebra Stripes Fabric Bolt vs Leopard Spots fabric bolt vs Flocking Damask Fabric Bolt

The materials for our Zebra, Leopard and Flocking Damask are practically identical. It begins with a taffeta base, and the patterns are created with velvet. The main difference for each of these different types of fabric is the pattern. These fabrics are perfect decorations and drapes. The soft and light feel of this fabric allows it to fall delicately and beautifully.

Crinkle Taffeta Fabric Bolt vs Satin Fabric

Both our Crinkle Taffeta and Satin are similar as in they both have a shiny finish and are of a medium weight, but the material itself is very different. The crinkle taffeta fabric bolt is made of our synthetic taffeta material, carefully pressed for a consistent “wrinkly” texture. Its shine is pretty subtle compared to the satin fabric. Our satin fabric is made with a synthetic material, where the yarns are weaved in a way where the fabric emits a nice smooth shine. Both fabrics are similar in weights and drape. If you want your evening to stand out, consider using it for an elegant table runner or sashes, or perhaps even a dress or shawl.

Tulle bolt vs Organza vs Embroider vs Chiffon Fabric Bolt

The common trait of these types of fabrics is that they are all sheer, and is very light in weight. Our tulle and organza bolts are both made of a nylon material. Their properties and the way they fall are perfect for making veils and petticoats. Chiffon is very much like our tulle and organza, as they are made with a similar type of synthetic material, however, this material doesn’t hold its shape as well as the tulle and organza when bunched up. It drapes easily, and is perfect for skirts, dresses and curtain panels. Our embroidered line of fabrics is basically our organza, with some flair. Same properties and weight, with an additional leaf and swirl motifs satin embroidered onto it.

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